IMG_0002My name is Irena. I am a professional designer since 1991. I love the warm and lightweight, fluffy fabrics. I love the touch of high quality produced soft textiles, and the crisp and elegant viscose – silk as a lining. So I chose to make woolen coats using these materials.

I have designed Coats for Ladies for 25 years now and have created new coats every Springtime and Autumn, and will continue to do so for years to come.

After many years of skills and attempts, Today I am very proud to present my latest and best model of Coat with Scarf as an International bestseller item. This Model is a result of many years of skill and work and empowered by the excellent and practical advice of my female clients. (Thank you ladies!) They did not want to carry an umbrella or wear a hat, so I created a removable scarf. It can be worn as a hood and used in many other ways. The scarf is very easy to remove as it only has two buttons attaching it to the coat. There is no need to wear anything else around your neck. If you are driving your car and need to remove the scarf, you can do so in seconds. My clients are very detailed in their requirements, so I have made luxury linings and simple but spacious pockets. These Ladies like to have individual and unique garments, so I use a contrasting color knitted tape as a surround to frame the Coat and Scarf which gives the garment its striking appearance. The tape surround is from material used in other designs as the outer fabric and works in harmony also in leather made products. (See picture). It gives me so much pleasure to design Coats that are unique to each individual. I make everything and anything that my clients want to have.

Now I invite you to enjoy your special new coat and receive lots of compliments from friends. I am confident that you will be happy in your choice!

All the best,